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Written by Astrid Superstar 

Drag aficionados Connor McCalden and Ryan Boa are the dictionary definition of a power couple. Having been collaborating professionally since the beginning of their relationship in 2015, the two creatives bonded over their shared love of camp and fashion.

In a time where freedom of expression and specifically the art of drag are under fire from American lawmakers, and is the subject of a social media storm, their collection is one of escapism into a carefree, childhood nostalgia.

Together, they are working as CONNOR MCCALDEN X BOA for their upcoming collection “POP: A Celebration of Pop Culture”. is described as “an exploration of pop culture icons

through drag”, as the creative team will feature their favorite dramatis personae from their youth. “These are characters and ideas that we fantasized about turning-on-their-heads and mashing up with different and contrasting icons,” Connor explains. “This collection highlights our twisted and queer senses of humour in a way that we love to express.”

Connor is an accomplished costumer and wig stylist, making up 1/3 of the Salon Crew from Call Me Mother, a Canadian reality tv drag competition series on the OutTV network. Connor’s work can also be seen on multiple seasons of Canada’s Drag Race, of which talented performer and neon dream BOA (an acronym for Bitch On Arrival) is most known for their participation in season 1, as well as having embarked on many international campaigns and tours. At the start of their professional collaboration, Connor created illustrious wigs for BOA’s performances and photoshoots, a tradition that lives on to this day.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Tennessee is enacting a law banning drag performances on public property, and 13 other states are currently proposing similar bills according to the Washington Post. Queer folk have been leading a sort of rebellion worldwide, with drag performers refusing to bow to the pressure, even under threats of violence.

With a star studded lineup of their friends and fellow performers, the pair will utilize “sequin, leather, pvc, vinyl, rhinestones and fur in blacks, reds, greens, and neons, we hope to evoke a sense of fun, glamour, camp, and sex into these classic pop culture idols.”

As for what the audience takes away from their presentation, “we want the audience to walk away excited, confused, seduced and nostalgic” - and we’re confident that they will.

You won’t want to miss CONNOR MCCALDEN X BOA presenting “POP: A Celebration of Pop Culture” on the Fashion Art Toronto stage Saturday, April 29th, 5 pm at Black Creek Assembly. Tickets for Fashion Art Toronto are on sale now.


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