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Sponsor Highlight: LASHGOD

Written by Shira Karney

Toronto’s favourite beauty empire LASHGOD, returning to Fashion Art Toronto for a third season as official lash partner, is bringing a little extra sp’lash’ this season.

This season the Canadian beauty brand is bringing even more glam to the Spring 2023 event. The talented makeup team will use LASHGOD’s high-quality vegan synthetic silk PFT fibre strip lashes on models for all runway beauty looks, as well as partnering with designers Kyle Gervacy and NARCES to create bold custom lash looks for their shows. LASHGOD is also participating in the Fashion & Beauty Retail Boutique pop up, giving guests an opportunity to purchase the iconic lashes (as seen on the runway) alongside other top-of-the-line trending beauty products.

LASHGOD was founded by Canadian beauty expert and boss lady Raquel DaSilva. Raquel always had a passion for the beauty industry and started building what would become the LASHGOD brand out of her parent’s basement at age 18.

Raquel designs and produces professional-use lash, nail and hair products for aestheticians and at-home beauty gurus, that are sold on her successful e-comm shop She also has two LASHGOD salons/retail hubs in Toronto, Yorkville and Don Mills. Raquel is always working to innovate and improve professional-use beauty products and beauty services, to offer her clients the best in the business.

Because of Raquel’s devotion to helping others achieve their beauty goals and become beauty bosses themselves, she started Modern Aesthetic College - a beauty school that trains and certifies lash and brow technicians, hair stylists, nail artists and aestheticians, such as tanning and contouring.

We are thrilled to see LASHGOD gracing the runway once again and offering the extra benefit of selling their premium beauty products at the Fashion Art Toronto pop-up shop during the 2023 Spring event.


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