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Fashion Magazine’s “Cake Mix” Recap: Having Your Cake & Eating It Too

Written by Astrid Superstar

All event photography used in this article is by George Pimentel

Last week, Fashion Magazine held their second annual Cake Mix party, just in time to kick off pride celebrations in the city. The event was thrown in collaboration with The 519, a local charitable non-profit dedicated to providing food and support for the city’s underserved.

The stars of the evening - the Cake Mix cakes - surrounded by sweet-tooth curing snacks.

The theme of the night was relayed to guests as simply “90’s vibes” - and the industry’s most fashionable heeded the call to show that they absolutely understood the assignment. The turnout consisted of immaculate original designs and thrifted creations that harkened back to the age of grunge culture, Tickle Me Elmo and slathering your caboodle with Lisa Frank stickers.

Toronto Drag superstar Tynomi Banks with Michael and Chris of Rizzi & Rizzi talent agency.

FAT designer multi-alum Brandon Keir, center, flanked by models and makeup artists Jimmy (left) and Sebastian (right).

The full spectrum of 90’s fashion with Dylan (right), one of Fashion Art Toronto’s Lead Hairstylists, and pal Nora (left).

Butterfly clips adorned intricately braided and crimped hairstyles, faces were accentuated with bold neon pigments. Every archetype from the misunderstood mall goth to the preppy valley girl was represented with a high-fashion flair.

Some guests decided to take a more direct route of runway inspiration. Annika Lautens, the magazine’s own Fashion News Director, posted the inspiration behind her 90’s Chanel-inspired look next to her own. Even some pop culture characters, such as Neo from The Matrix, made a special appearance.

Annika Lautens and her inspiration - Chanel ready-to-wear S/S ‘95.

Makeup artist Viktor Peters wearing FAT alum Mr Haque,

paying tribute to an iconic Linda Evangelista Chanel ad.

A well-dressed guest browses the BOSS x Keith Haring pop up in

Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic “Cyber Dots”, F/W ‘95.

The event, held in a 9,200 sq ft space underneath a Curry’s Art Supply in the heart of Parkdale, included a popup from Keith Haring x BOSS, fitted with a recreation of the late artist’s Manhattan studio. Guests snapped selfies at a photobooth with inflatable props, sipped inspired cocktails named after some of the decade’s greatest hits, and helped themselves to charcuterie themed Lunchables and piles of nostalgic childhood candy, like Sweet Tarts and those mysteriously delicious Cosmic Brownies. The Queen Priyanka herself - notable winner of the first season of Canada’s Drag Race - was seen after her performance mock-proposing to fellow Drag Race alum Jada Shada Hudson, who was dressed like Biggie, with a Blue Raspberry Ring Pop.

Model and LGBTQIA+ activist Myles Sexton, star of an editorial in

Fashion Canada’s latest edition, poses in front of a cake sculpture.

Canada’ Drag Race pit crew members and Toronto Fashion denizens

Travis and Seth with the Mini Cooper “Love is Love” car.

Stylist and sustainability advocate Sarah Jay, paying homage to the Kinderwhore subculture,

in the BOSS x Keith Haring pop up with Fashion’s Creative & Fashion Director George Antonopoulos.

The music was steady, with rambunctious DJ sets by Sweaty Clown and Persona having the whole building sing along about being “every woman” and how they don’t want no scrubs. Mini Cooper, a sponsor of the event, displayed a baby pink car parked in the middle of the room, emblazoned with “Love is Love” and a variety of pastel geometric shapes. And yes, there was cake - served to guests and in the form of a giant rainbow cake slice sculpture positioned in the window by the step-and-repeat.

Suffice to say, Fashion’s Cake Mix was a night that the industry will remember for years to come. We can’t wait to see what the magazine has in store for next year.


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