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LACEL: Artist Project '23

Written by Astrid.Superstar

Despite “S1E2” being LACEL’s second runway showcase, Montreal-born multidisciplinary artist Julian Lacelle has been designing clothes all his life. “I always knew I would become a designer when the time was right,” he remarks, “but it’s really about 3 years ago that I taught myself how to use a sewing machine.”

LACEL’s image is an amalgamation of pop-culture references and dystopian musings, imagining a not-so-distant future where fashion-forward survivors use their imagination to dress themselves. “My entire vibe is inspired by a post-apocalyptic era where we would still be creating arts and fashion out of ruins,” he explains. “Think Mad Max and Tank Girl.” He also cites scene queen culture of the early 2000’s and anime as visual cues for his work.

Lacelle’s first runway was at Stallion, a menswear-focused fashion showcase held by Content Day, a collective mainly operating out of OBJX studio. For “S1E2,” Lacelle is excited to explore the brand’s feminine side. “My first fashion show was more centered on denim jackets and

masculine shapes, which were my first designs since they were inspired by my own body. In this show, you will see more dresses, pants and accessories.”

As for what Lacelle hopes the audience takes from his collection, he hopes to inspire a whimsical kind of inquisitiveness with how we relate to our surroundings. “I want to make people question things. Themselves and others, their realities. They can find messages about things not being what they seem and see everything with another perspective.”

Ominously - albeit playfully - he adds, “I want them to be haunted by my designs!”


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