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NARCES: Spring '23

Written by Astrid Superstar

Legendary Canadian fashion brand Narces, known for their wide range of expertly crafted, playful designs, is set to showcase at the upcoming Fashion Art Toronto event this spring - marking the first time that the high fashion label will be participating.

Narces was founded by husband-and-wife power couple Nikki Yassemi and Stefan Wirtensohn and has since established itself as a household name in the Canadian fashion industry since launching their first collection in 2012. Austrian-born Yassemi serves as the designer and creative director of the brand, while Wirtensohn acts as Managing Director, handling the business aspect. Yassemi has fashion in her blood, as her mother worked closely with a tailor for the Royal Family who was responsible for some of Princess Diana’s most iconic gowns.

“Design has always been in my family and, for as long as I can remember,” Yassemi told Wolf & Badger last year, adding that she had been interested in fashion for “as long as (she) could remember,” and that she has “always felt that fashion is an unspoken way of communicating, expressing feelings and ideas, and being able to wear an artwork.”

As the Narces label is marked by chic, imaginative silhouettes mixed with bold, playful fabrics, it’s no surprise that many a celebrity has donned a Narces creation on the red carpet for dozens of awards shows - notably the Junos, Oscars, People’s Choice Awards and Cannes film festival. Besides being a favorite of Hollywood’s elite stylists, the brand has also been featured in countless magazine spreads like Elle, L’Officiel and Brides.

Yassemi takes inspiration from (but is never limited by) a traditionally feminine aesthetic, but is not afraid to experiment with colour, texture, or material. In a scroll through their website, you’ll see a full range of garments covering a broad spectrum of styles, with noticeable nods to the fashion of decades spanning the last century. The brand has perfected their craft in everything from stunningly created bridal wear to punk and rock-n-roll attire, with their newest collection leaning towards the latter. 11 years after their inaugural debut, Narces refuses to be defined by any genre - one of the many things that makes their iconic label so refreshing.

“I don’t have a typical person who I am designing for,” Yassemi shared with Real Style Network. “The only typical part of that person is maybe their lifestyle- wanting to have fun and going out, and wanting to dress up.”

Narces shows at Fashion Art Toronto on opening night - Thursday, April 27th, at 8 pm. Reserve your tickets here before they sell out - and they will!


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