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SILENT SIMON: Spring '23

Written by Shira Karney

With a powerful message and unparalleled designs, the magnificent mystic streetwear brand Silent Simon is back for another fabulous showcase with Fashion Art Toronto.

Streetwear style brand Silent Simon presents as an art movement; having a strong message and philosophy to move and motivate people through their unique combination of blending streetwear looks with contemporary art to create eye-catching, forward-thinking collections.

“Nowadays, we live in a world where first impressions make or break the perceptions of others. Everything we see, hear, feel, or experience in the first encounter shapes how we process the rest of the information.”

The Creative minds behind this enticing brand; Jonathan & Youssef created Silent Simon to motivate people to question everything they see. Wondering what or who controls it, why it’s happening, and contemplating types of reality. Whether it’s clothing, people, behaviour, or even a tree! An art movement within a brand, Silent Simon aims to emphasize a deeper understanding of people's surroundings; looking into why things are the way they are.

Silent Simon is no stranger to Fashion Art Toronto, they have been part of some of the most notable projects including the virtual fashion series at Ripley’s Aquarium. Joining to yet again be part of a new notable project; Fashion Art Toronto fashion presentations.

This will be their first live showcase with fashion week. The collection they’re presenting at the Spring ‘23 runway season is also an art installation titled Omnipresence - a timeless capsule.

The meaning behind it is almost as fun and mystical as the word itself.

Omnipresence is defined as the state of always being everywhere, the feeling of being present or having an effect everywhere at once.

The Omnipresence collection is representative of the Silent Simon journey over time: from the start of their brand to participating in virtual fashion weeks to presenting at Toronto’s longest-running fashion week.

Omnipresence portrays a story of a person who seems to be the root cause behind everything. Yet, is never affiliated with anything. Having a presence and effect on everything at once.

“This collection is a means of being in the moment while maintaining an outsider's perspective of how things are simultaneous.”

Silent Simon is no stranger to Fashion Art Toronto. They have shown with Fashion Art Toronto twice; in 2020 and 2021, participating in some of their most creative projects; virtual fashion weeks.

Their debut show was during the first virtual fashion week in November 2020, the brand showcased colourful street fashion. The debut collection focused on WHO IS SIMON? Speaking to false realities, and portraying an unknown ‘Simon’ effecting and offering a foundation for all to use and manipulate as they please, without knowing about who “Simon” is, unknown to ‘Simon’ existence, and the eternal cause and effect he subtly has.

In 2021 Silent Simon showed at Ripley’s Aquarium with Fashion Art Toronto’s second virtual fashion week with their “Dystopia” collection. Portraying a Utopian Illusion through street-style fashion, showcasing ideas of not getting lost in obvious deception.

The Omnipresence collection circles back to the messaging of their first collection; always being everywhere and having an effect all at once.

Despite the hiatus and the name, Silent Simon has not been silent. He has manifested in ways that will be revealed throughout this art installation and collection.


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